Las cámaras Walk In se pueden proyectar con dos tipos diferentes:
1) Construcción solida, con rango de temperatura -70 ° C hasta 180 ° C
2) Construcción panelizadas, con rango de temperatura -70 ° C hasta 85 ° C

Principales características

  • Dimensiones internas y externas según especificaciones de los clientes
  • Tipos de puerto seleccionables
  • Rango de humedad 10% hasta 98%, otros bajo consulta

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Especificaciones técnicas

Panelized Construction

Panelized chambers are built with

interlocking insulated panels, making

construction of any size with few troubles

regarding move-in. See page 9 for an

example of a extremely large drive-in

chamber built with panels.

• Standard sub-assemblies for quick

delivery and lower cost

• Quality panels manufactured to

ESPEC standards

• Standard multi-layer heated window in


• Operation allowable to 85°C (75°C in

humidity mode)

• Temperature change rates to 10°C/m.

Solid Construction

Solid construction walk-ins can go up to 150°C,

accommodating extreme test conditions that

panelized chambers cannot. Solid chambers are also

needed for temperature cycling faster than 10°C/m.

• High temperature range to 150°C

• Custom high temperature range to 300°C

• Extended humidity range to 85/95%

• Full-opening doors

• Stronger standard fl oor, (600 lbs./sq. ft. static

loading, carts up to 800 lbs.)

• Rigid frame for strength

• Stainless steel interior is hermetically welded